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Social media blogging tips

Tip number 1: don't do that.
Tip number 1: don’t do that.

Social media is a great way to build a regular, loyal readership for your blog. People who follow or befriend you are more likely to share your content in turn generating more visits.

Whereas getting visits from search engines can be a bit of a long game, social media success can be built quickly. Here are a few tips to help your blog succeed on social.

Use the right hashtags

It sounds so obvious but you’d be surprised how often people get this horribly wrong. Search through Twitter and Instagram and you’ll find people using lots and lots of tags, most of which are popular yet irrelevant to their posts.

Then there’s also the issue of hashtagging something completely useless. One example which springs to my mind is that of a dental client of mine who used to regularly posts to #teeth. Teeth, really? How is that helpful?? A few relevant tags is much better a way to get people interested in your content, and engage with it.

Vary phrasing

I often used to wonder how many times I’d get away with promoting the same piece of content without pissing off my friends and followers. In truth, I find rephrasing social media updates is a great way to get around this issue.

Share a link 2, 3 or 4 times, sure. Just make sure your tweet (for instance) is different each time. Sharing a question about or a stat from your post are two good approaches to tease people into reading your posts. Here are a couple of examples from one of my own posts:

Tag people

If you’re writing about someone or something, make sure you tag them when you share on social media. People LOVE to be talked about. In fact, I find many of my popular posts tend to be about people rather than me, myself and I.

You can be pretty certain tagged people will read your content. They might even share it with their own followers, which can be a big visit booster if they happen to be influential.

Be current

Promoting content should be a flexible exercise. While there’s nothing wrong with scheduling a few updates – I do it all the time – you should aim to be reactionary and grab topical opportunities as they come. This doesn’t necessarily mean writing new posts all the time.

You may have written a great post some time ago, about something which is now trending on Twitter as a national day. There’s a national day for literally everything now, so that’s probably actually true. So jump on the occasion.

Of course the next step up is to not only be current, but predict social media trends in order to ride the wave before everybody else jumps on it!

Pick the right platform

Finally, make sure you pick a platform best suited to the type of content you’re sharing. Wrote a post you think would interest your close friends? Facebook is probably your best option. Got something which is related to your job? Linkedin may even be a good shout.

In any case, just don’t be that person who shares a picture of Twitter only rather than Instagram or Pinterest.

What are your social media tips for blogging?


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