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Chinese Food Festival

unnamedThe other day, my friends and I headed for the annual London Chinese Food Festival. Located on the Southbank Riverside Walkway by Waterloo station not far from the IMAX Cinema, it’s a good excuse to get out and have a wander round one of the nicest areas of central London.

Plus the weather was actually nice and let’s be honest, it’s kind of now or never to catch some sun before the 8 month-long British winter kicks in!

I’ve never been that much into Chinese, although it’s growing on me. The food at the festival was actually really nice and varied. There were over 20 different stalls to pick from, selling a range of food and drinks, including Chinese beers and cocktails.

20150926_150142There were also a few talks and forums about Chinese food – which were majorly boring, and not just because the guys stopped every few seconds to let the live translation catch up.

20150926_15430320150926_153621The food was relatively well priced for a London festival though, and the portions not bad. Food had to be purchased in tokens paid for on arrival, which meant we had a bit of a cash-point treasure hunt beforehand. If you’re into Chinese food and a bit of a day out, this is right up your street.

Love this area



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