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Review: Nerdy day out at Citydash

citidash guards

When my friends suggested we tried Citydash last weekend, they described it as a sort of ‘treasure hunt around London’.

Frankly, I only tagged along because I had nothing else to do and the game took place in an interesting part of London – Canada Water. Plus my friend who hates running and games in general was coming, which was potentially fun too.

I have to admit I wasn’t particularly excited. It sounded like the nerdiest thing ever – especially when I started receiving introduction emails about alien invasions and shit like that the night before.

In truth, it was SO nerdy. Surprisingly though, it was also really fun. Kicking off at a pub with a few clues and riddles, we were given exactly one hour to solve mysteries, find as many codes as we could around the neighborhood and return on time.

Some of the clues were given at the start while others were texted to us as we went, forcing us to adapt a flexible strategy. The game was made much tenser by the presence of roaming guards, whose aim was to spot our team members to inflict point penalties.

The introduction and everything was lame. For the 60 minutes after the whistle went though, scoring points really was all that mattered. We all really got into it, celebrating each point scoring like World Cup goals. We ran for our lives when approached by guards – and in the end did well to only get spotted once.

Our team ultimately finished third, not bad for a first attempt. In the end we all left with plenty of cramps and a new experience we’ll certainly try again. In the hope of coming first next time round…

Dutch courage and pre-dash planning


Clues, clues everywhere



Third place reward


  1. nicol nicol

    i love doing things like this. theres a few escape places around england where you’re looked in a room and have to figure out how to get out within an hour by looking at the clues etc. i know theres one in london but can’t remember the exact name

    • Valentin Valentin

      Yeah I’d never really tried anything like it. Didn’t think I would like it but was good fun. Might look for other similar ones 🙂

  2. This looks like so much fun! I’d love to try this game! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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