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How much I actually use social media


Social media’s everywhere nowadays. It has reshaped the way we spend our free time and express ourselves up to our basic social interactions with one another. I spend a LOT of time on social media, and am pretty active on several platforms.

And I’m not the only one: recently, Facebook announced that 1 billion people logged in over the space of 24 hours for the first time ever – that’s 1 in 7 people on the planet.

I often wonder how much time people I know actually spent on social media. It seems we all put a lot of effort to try and maintain the convincing illusion of an active ‘real’ social life. Yet, many of my friends spend an awkwardly long time on their phone when I actually see them. Anyway, here’s me coming clean about my own habits.

Facebook: the big stuff

Still the main one I use after all these years. I generally use Facebook updates for major things I’d like people to know about: holidays, achievements and various other big news. I also like putting up photo albums, and it’s a particularly handy platform to organise events since you can be sure most of your friends are on and check it regularly.

As far as content, I regularly share articles or tag friends into stuff I think they’d like. I don’t usually share too much of my blog content on it, unless I wrote something I think would interest a particular mate of mine.

How often do I check it? Every day, all the time. Too much

How difficult is it to go without? Near impossible

Twitter: the not so big stuff

Twitter, by contrast, is sort of the bin for thought really. Whenever I want to express something I’m pretty sure none of my close friends will give a sh*t about, Twitter’s my sanctuary!

I also generally use Twitter to share interesting stuff relative to my job, as a lot of digital marketers use it. It’s also a pretty wild arena for football-related banter which I like. I regularly share my blog content on there, because the hashtags are a great way to attract new people with similar interests.

As far as getting fresh news immediately, Twitter’s probably the best thing social media can offer. I like that, too.

How often do I check it? Every day at work but not always in my free time

How difficult is it to go without? I go through phases with Twitter, but think I could probably quit fairly easily.

Instagram: a holiday habit

The ultimate holiday platform. I can go months without posting anything, and then I’ll go somewhere amazing and share a lot of pictures. I like the filtering features, especially since I’m still using the pre-historic Samsung Galaxy S3 – and it’s less than average camera.

I don’t follow too many people but I do use the feed. The hashtag searches? Not so much..

How often do I check it? Several times a day

How difficult is it to go without? Easy, especially if I don’t do anything interesting.

LinkedIn: the professional one (obvs)

I basically just use it to grow my network within my work industry. I Sometimes go on it to see what people are up to or add a skill to my profile, but generally I just use it to connect with similar professionals. I don’t really post on there.

How often do I check it? Every few days

How difficult is it to go without? Pretty simple, unless I lost my job!


Nah, only joking..

How do you use social media?

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