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He’s finally here!


It took over a year of speculation and weeks of negotiations, but we got there in the end: Angel Di Maria is a PSG player! The Argentine signed a 4 year deal, for a fee estimated around £45m.

After missing out on ADM last summer despite being his evident favoured destination, PSG have been freed from Financial Fair Play restrictions and able to close the deal. Better, although the negotiations have been tough due to United’s efforts to recover as much money as possible, we inevitably got him on the cheap after a disappointing campaign.

There’s no doubt Di Maria will thrive in Paris. He’ll find it much easier to adapt in France, in a league less competitive than the Premier League and without the fatigue that comes with post-World Cup seasons. In Paris, he’ll be surrounded by players who speak his language which should help him settle quickly. It would be interesting to see him link up with fellow countrymen Lavezzi and Pastore.

Tactically, he shouldn’t be moved around too much by Blanc like he was by Van Gaal. Stability will certainly help, and he already has a place waiting for him in our front 3, alongside Ibra and Cavani. Not a bad line up. On top of this, he’s a versatile player which could be an asset if needs be. He’ll also bring extra pace and technique going forward – hopefully with a little bit more accuracy than Lavezzi.

As far as PSG are concerned, this is obviously a great deal. Although Di Maria had a poor season last year, his stats (3 goals, 10 assists in the league) were still decent which says a lot about the quality of the player. In additional, he’s shown in the past he’s able to combine skill with a high work rate, which cannot certainly be said of everyone is the current squad *cough*Ibra*cough*

The Argentine could be the missing link in Europe too, as his contribution to Madrid’s successful campaign showed two years ago. Our front 3 line up is now complete and terrifying. With a reliable back four, the fantastic Verratti and underrated Matuidi in midfield and a new keeper, we’re looking strong. If Motta can be convinced to stay, there’ll be few teams in Europe capable of stopping us.

A few Di Maria highlights:

PS: a quick message here for United fans, who went bitter crazy on social media about what’s now an undeniable transfer flop. I do understand the anger towards the player. However, it is beyond me how LVG escapes from this story without suffering any criticism. The Dutchman spent most of last season f*cking around with tactics, and somehow failed to incorporate one of the world’s greatest player into his squad.

You just don’t leave a player of such ability on the bench. Doing so is managerial failure. While the player should be held accountable for his performances, I think Di Maria’s failure at United is a shared responsibility.

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