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A French guy in Prague

After our amazing time in Croatia, my friend James and I decided to stop for a couple of days in Prague on our way back to London.

Somehow, it actually worked out cheaper to fly and stay there than to go directly from Split to London, so why not?

James found the apartment which, credit where it’s due was absolutely fantastic and overlooked the main city square. We went on the notorious Prague bar crawl, and enjoyed free drinks for an hour – which we certainly made the most of – as well as entry to one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

We also did some touristy stuff, and had a good look around the city – we even walked up to the castle, which was a right pain in the heat.

As far as the city, Prague is probably one of the nicest places I’ve been to. The old towers, museums and religious buildings are amazing, as is the generally colourful and diverse architecture. I’ll shut up and let the pictures do the talking.

view of the main city square in prague from hotel window

The view from our apartment

biggest music club in central europe poster ice bar in prague

Ice bar20150811_135902

horses in prague's main city square

Two horses having a moment

weird naked lady statue centre of prague

The random sculpture that seemingly got lost on its way to Amsterdam

20150811_141938 20150811_145237 ancient colourful synagogue in prague

Amazing synagogue

20150811_15182520150812_110153 20150811_15212520150812_114412 20150812_113711

Castle guard who looked like Lukas Podolski


Inside Prague Castle

20150812_114601 20150812_121742

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