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A French guy in Croatia

beach in split with umbrellasFor my long-awaited summer holiday, I headed East for the hot beaches of Split in Croatia.

We stayed at the Appartments Cordis*, a lovely family-run establishment conveniently located near the sea and buses towards the town centre. The flat was nice, and we even had a private pool and terrace. Needless to say, we spent most of our time there.

Hard times at the pool

20150806_111228The family were amazingly friendly, regularly taking the initiative to offer us travel tips, drinks and nibbles. They really made us feel part of the family, and made our stay extra special.

Special thanks to the beautiful Josipa, who organised our final day tour at the amazing Krka National Park. We had no idea how to get there, but she had us picked up and dropped off on the door step – which frankly is the only way we’d have ever got there.

While we spent most of our time relaxing by the pool and beach, the ancient Roman town centre was truly worth visiting. Other than that, the weather was great, probably ranging between 32-42 degrees throughout the week.  Naturally, I got sunburned after about an hour outside…

split old roman city centre in croatia
20150806_134712 Old Split town centre

Local people were welcoming and most spoke decent English, although I was a bit embarrassed not to know a single word of Croatian aside from ‘hvala’ (for ‘thank you’, which I most certainly mispronounced the entire time).

Lastly, everything was incredibly cheap especially the food. Paying 30 for a meal and drink may sound pricey, but when the currency – the kuna – is valued 10 times less than the pound it becomes a good deal indeed.

I wish I had tried more local food, but then again I ate burgers virtually every day which I won’t complain about. Also, the local bread is really nice – which for a French person is important.20150806_143219

Standard holiday selfie

I kind of expected Croatia to be just beaches and countless touristy resorts. Instead we found a charming and welcoming country, which I’d love to visit again. I’d definitely recommend Split for a generally chilled holiday with a couple of nice excursions.

A few more pictures:

20150806_14341620150806_143752 20150806_15494320150806_193924 20150809_08131520150807_14481820150809_10100720150809_09574920150809_101720

*For more information on the Appartments Cordis, contact


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