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Month: August 2015

If Google was a country

Google is the world’s most popular search engine. All in all, it accounts for over 70% of all online searches worldwide, far ahead of its main competitor Bing (about 10%). That’s a lot of searches. Google is not only the main preoccupation of my job as an SEO, it has become…

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Tips to start a blog

Blogging is booming. Whereas a few years ago, it belonged to a reclusive geeky minority, nowadays most of us know someone who regularly blogs. With our every day lives increasingly happening online, it’s not wonder today’s writers, novelists, poets and diary keepers have traded pen and paper for WordPress or…

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He’s finally here!

It took over a year of speculation and weeks of negotiations, but we got there in the end: Angel Di Maria is a PSG player! The Argentine signed a 4 year deal, for a fee estimated around £45m. After missing out on ADM last summer despite being his evident favoured destination, PSG have been…

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