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The 24-hour Tube’s finally here!

We’ve been waiting for it a long time, and now it’s here. From September 12th, the London Underground will introduce its 24-hour service at weekends. Yesterday, TFL released a map of its night service, which includes the entire Victoria and Jubilee lines, as well most of the Central, Northern and my beloved Piccadilly line. You can see the map below.


This means I’ll finally be able to go out all the way to central London without having to worry about the tricky journey back home. From a financial perspective it’ll also most likely stimulate the economy during off-peak hours, as well as create new jobs (as much as 2000 full-time roles, according to TFL).

From a striking perspective, it’s a pretty good reason for unions to get pissed off. In fact, the train driver’s union have already scheduled their next protest for the 8th July. As a regular Londoner though, it’s hard not to be excited about the news. Here’s a quick summary of what the introduction of 24-hour Tubes will mean.

The losers:

  • Once again, this looks like bad news for London’s black cabs
  • Those awful night buses
  • People who’ll have to clean sick off Underground seats
  • The potential casualties which come with a service involving fast trains and drunk people

The winners:

  • People who want to go out in central but don’t leave in Zone 1-2
  • Basically, me
  • TFL staff who like a good strike
  • The economy

Either way, bring it on!!


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