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Every day problems I face as a digital marketer

laptop getting hammered

I’ve been working in digital for almost 2 years now, and really enjoy it: I learn new stuff every day, people listen to my opinion with great care (mostly) and it’s not exactly a dying industry, either. But with working in digital come a bunch of unavoidable daily problems. Insights..

Having to explain SEO in 30 seconds

SEO is complex: people invest a lot of money in it because it’s a knowledge and experience-based industry. Optimising your site for search engines takes a long time, a lot of subtle changes on site and varied activity off site.

It requires a range of skills, including analysis, trend spotting, research, negotiation skills, creative writing and more. Basically, it’s tricky. But not as tricky as trying to explain it all before your audience get bored.

No, I don’t work for Google

In fact my job is to cheat Google, so I arguably work against them. Google want me dead. If Google could put me out of a job tomorrow, they would finally achieve their ultimate goal.

They would probably go for a nice celebration meal and laugh without any consideration for my personal circumstances and employment status. Sorry, getting a bit carried away here. My point is, stop saying I work for Google.

Yes I am drinking, but I am working!

Call it a team bonding or client rapport building exercise, but don’t be fooled: yes I am getting pissed but there definitely is a purpose. And it’s not always a perk, either.

I’ve had to drink pints for breakfast on an empty stomach out of digital social etiquette – it isn’t very enjoyable.

The clueless client

Working in an agency has many advantages. However, one of the random variables which comes with the job is you don’t always know what to expect form clients. Some clients are really knowledgeable and switched on, which is brilliant in you’re confident in your work.

Occasionally though, you will come across the clueless client who, like my mates, just doesn’t understand the purpose or value of your work, however good that the results may be. Frustrating indeed.

Becoming the most useless member of society when the internet goes down

That’s it, really.

Yes I am on Facebook, but I am working!

Whether I’m on the hunt for my next PR partners or assessing a potential client’s social media following, I am working – I swear! Yes, I will reply to your direct messages almost instantly, but that’s just because I’m a great friend.

By the way, while we’re on the topic: stop sending me bloody Candy Crush invites!


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