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Trip to Ripley’s: Believe It or Not!

As a birthday present, my friend invited me to Ripley’s the other day. It’s one of those intriguing places I’ve walked past countless times, but never actually got round to visiting. So I was quite curious to see what it would be like.

The museum – if you can call it so – was created by eccentric American Robert Ripley and is full of bizarre items, events and stories which seem to odd to be true. They are all certified to be accurate. The concept has been adapted into book, newspaper, radio and TV formats around the world. While London’s Ripley’s opened in 2008, there 32 museums worldwide since the first opening in 1933 in Chicago. Every year, Ripley’s attract million of visitors.

Obviously, I went to the London one. And really enjoyed it. It’s funny, interesting and at times creepy. I’ve never taken so many pictures in a museum. There’s a maze I spent more time than planned in, a weird black hole experience, a T-Rex, a real life model of tallest man ever Robert Wadlow and some really cool art as well. Would recommend. Here are a few shots.




Portrait of Michelle Obama made of 1960s soda capsules – yep. Oddly, looks a bit like a hippy version of Ed Miliband.


Harrods used to sell this old Egyptian beer, inspired by a 5000 year-old recipe.


Compare the Meerkat’s ancestor


An electric chair simulation. Very creepy..


Portrait of Michael Jackson, made of sweets.


Me next to the world’s tallest ever man. He was my height by the age of 5, and apparently was a shoe size 36 (?!)

20150426_121548That awkward moment when a dinosaur walks in the background and ruins your picture on a giant chair.

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