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#ThrowbackThursday: Barcelona trip

Maybe it’s the fact that we’re still awaiting the sunny days. Or the fact that I realised I never really did anything with those pictures and missed a trick. Well, it’s both really.

Last year, I hit continental Spain for the first time and had a brilliant time in Barcelona. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, here are a few shots from last summer’s holiday.


Picture from Park Guell, the public park built by Catalan modernist Antonio Gaudi. It was built in the early 20th century, commissioned by the rich patron it’s named after. It’s full of amazing buildings, gardens as well as a museum dedicated to Gaudi. The park’s actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Really surreal place, worth visiting.

fb barcelonas nou camp

The Nou Camp, home of FB Barcelona. The NC is Europe’s biggest stadium (over 90k in capacity, bigger than Old Trafford and Wembley). The tour’s great, and include a visit of the media areas, conference rooms and amazing museum, which is packed with Champions League trophies and individual awards.

picture with messi's ballon d'ors

Speaking of individual awards, here’s me chilling with Messi’s Ballon D’Ors. As you do.


One of many paellas – think I had 4 in 6 days in the end. One of my favourite dishes, and of course a local specialty. Bit of a hassle to make for one because you end up eating it for about 2 weeks straight, so it’s great to have on holiday. Personal favourite is the Valenciana, the chicken flavoured one.

10456254_10204151118559759_102841654530059022_n (1)

Just some weird Picasso styled clocks I saw in a tourist shop. Random.

1910639_10204151230402555_3313661479516410554_n (1)

Me and James, biting away like we’re Liverpool’s best player of the last 10 years.


Another one from Park Guell


Another amazing building we saw in the town centre. Not even sure what it is, but I liked the local architecture.

10487521_10152167077435496_630406846773289945_nLa Segrada Familia, Barcelona’s famous unfinished Cathedral.

1962852_10204151241442831_9201985541700507573_n (1)

Finally, the traditional holiday selfie.

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