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Roundup: brands’ April fools

Going on the internet on April 1st is sort of like reading the Sun – it can be quite entertaining, but it’s mostly bullshit. Having said that, I do enjoy watching and reading how creative brands and journalists get and, like most Sun readers, sometimes actually fall for what I read from time to time.

Here are a few examples of original April fools’ ideas I’ve seen from brands this year.

PlayStation Flow

Sony made this really convincing video about a supposedly revolutionary gaming device. PlayStation Flow is a wearable piece of technology which can be used during gaming sessions involving swimming action – like Lara Croft, GTA, etc.

The player basically wears the pads, jumps in a real pool and can become the character they play. With wearable tech becoming being so innovative and unknown from the public, it’s actually quite a good concept. Video seems pretty convincing too!samsung galaxy blade edge april fools picture

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

Samsung have already made smartphones, glasses and even watches, so why not a knife? The Samsung Galaxy Blade is basically a phone with a cutting edge so you can..erm..cut stuff up while you have someone on loud speakers? An absolutely useless, and of course fictional gadget. Although you’d definitely put money on people buying something similar if Apple made it.

hector bellerin celebrating goal against liverpool at the emirates stadium

Arsenal vs Liverpool steamed team-talks

Actually believed that for a good two minutes.The Daily Mail ran a story about how both teams would broadcast their respective captain’s team talks ahead of the much awaited match last weekend.

For the sake of fairness, both features would be shared simultaneously around the world. The talks would be shown on social media site Periscope. Not even sure that’s a real thing, and I can’t be arsed to check. Again, good prank. Read full story here.

emoji phone vadafone april fools prank

Vodafone emoji keyboard

Another pank from a phone company. This product on the other hand, would definitely sell regardless of who made it. Former shirt sponsor of a former good football teams Vodafone introduced the Emoji phone, a device shaped like a video game controller but covered in emoji buttons.

The only minor flaw for me is the lack of actual letters on the keyboard, which would make conversation relatively basic.

Fast to the future

The Fast and Furious is Universal Pictures’ most successful franchise ever, having earned over $2.5 billion worldwide at the box office so far. As the 7th film came out last month and bagged the biggest opening week of the series in the UK, it’s likely this will continue to be a lucrative business.

Now imagine this combined with another iconic film franchise involving fast driving. Actually, you don’t need to imagine it, just watch the video.


Salmon flavoured vodka

With 40 different flavours on offer, Vodka brand Pinnacle are known for their innovative approach. They seemingly pushed things further when they announced a new range of flavours, including deep fried pizza, Tex-Mex and salmon. The latter sounds pretty amazing, hope they actually make it one day.

Finally, check out the one I wrote for our company blog at work 🙂


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