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Loving those alternative Tube maps

The London Underground’s been around for over 152 years. Carrying over a billion people around each year, it is an essential part of millions of people’s daily commute and an iconic feature of the city. It’s also a great excuse to moan about people and institutions.

The Tube map as we know it was originally designed by Harry Beck in 1931, and is a well-known image around the world. Anyway, for no particular reason here are 12 interesting alternatives to the traditional Tube map.

london tube map from 1908

An old London Underground map from 1908. Note: the Piccadilly line is yellow, which I find inexplicably disturbing.

daily mail tube mapThis brilliant Daily Mail tube map. Love it.

flooded london underground map

Unfortunately, we now know global warming doesn’t mean we’ll all get great weather all the time. Instead, we’re likely to see rather grim consequences, including flooding which researchers believe could hit London. Here’s a map of where specifically. On a selfish level, I should be alright so winning..

tube network on an actual map

The tube network on an actual map of London. In case you were wondering what it looked like.

mario bros tube map

This Mario Bros map.

free public toilet map

The free public toilet map. I might actually use this next time I’m in town.

life expectancy tube map

This Underground map by life expectancy and standards of living, based on census data. Unsurprisingly the East End scores tend to be lower and both counts. You can explore the full map here.

london tourist map

London tube map per for tourist attractions. Another which could come handy.

accurate london tube mapThe accurate map of the Underground.

ghost tube map

The ghost map. Stations either shut or moved.

Nikefuel map

This Tube map created by Nike to encourage people to walk around more and earn ‘NikeFuel‘ points. And buy overpriced wristbands of course.

live london map

This live map, with the trains moving and everything. Check it out.

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