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At the Museum of London

sign of the museum of london from the outside

The museum of London is located at the heart of the city, less than 5 minutes’ walk away from St Paul’s station on the Central line. A nice area near other famous local landmarks – I’ll let you guess which one in particular. The museum is a relatively new one, having been inaugurated by the queen recently back in 1976. It is free of entry of access.

Going back thousands of years before London even was a city, the museum traces the journey from early tribes’ interest in the Thames area as a foundation for prosperity. It goes on to the ‘Londinum’ (meaning where the river flows) years under the Roman Empire, the Norman conquests, the Middle Ages and finally the modern city.

Through ancient artifacts and relics, maps, videos and more, you get a good understanding of the cultural, demographic and physical changes the city underwent. There’s also some good stuff about disasters such as the plague, the great fire of 1666 and the wars. Interesting museum. Took a few shots too, see below.

picture of a living room in london during the roman era, museum of london

A typical middle class living room from London’s Roman era. Before middle class was even a term..

painting of the great fire on london 1666

Painting of the Great Fire of London from 1666. Destroyed homes for an estimated 70,000 out of 80,000 of the city’s inhabitants, as well as 87 churches. On the bright side, only 6 people actually died which is remarkable.


Barber shop, Victorian era


The first petrol cab in London, early 20th century. Had dramatic impact on the employment rate of horses.

old apple mac

Computer from like, the Middle Ages or something..

Find out more on the official site here

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