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Month: April 2015

Loving those alternative Tube maps

The London Underground’s been around for over 152 years. Carrying over a billion people around each year, it is an essential part of millions of people’s daily commute and an iconic feature of the city. It’s also a great excuse to moan about people and institutions. The Tube map as we know it was originally designed by…

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Who was Cecil Rhodes?

Last month, students from Cape Town University campaigned for the eviction from campus of a statue of British 19th century imperialist Cecil Rhodes. The sculpture is regarded by many as a physical embodiment of white minority rule and inequality in South Africa. The protest, which began on Twitter at #RhodesMustFall, reached…

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23rd celebrations

Twenty three is kind of a shit age, right? Not really early 20s anymore, it’s getting dangerously close that time where all your Facebook friends start to get engaged. Worse, in the long term that means you’ll have to pretend to be interested in babies and stuff. At least 22 had a Taylor Swift…

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Tidal: Music’s greedy Avengers

(source: Earlier this week, the most talented and influential names of international music met up to promote Jay-Z’s new music streaming subscription service, Tidal. Launched in October last year, it was recently purchased by the American rapper for over $50 million. Unlike other networks like Spotify, Tidal is said…

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