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Warning: People to avoid on public transports

London Underground sign

As Londoners, we spend a big chunk of our lives on public transports, and another big chunk talking about how rubbish they are for striking and running late all the time. All in all, we have it pretty good though, with the tube covering pretty much the place, regular buses, trains and even bike lanes for the least lazy of us too.

Yet there’s one public transports issue which doesn’t look like getting sorted any time soon: the people using them. For those of you lucky enough to not be familiar with this, here’s a comprehensive guide of who to avoid on public transports.

Football fans

From QPR to Brentford, Chelsea and Fulham, there’s plenty of football going on in London, and that’s only in my area of west London. In total, there are 13 professional clubs in the capital this season, more than any city in Europe. What’s that got to do with anything?

Well if you’ve ever used public transport on late afternoons at the weekend, you’ll know that football supporters are a must-avoid. Always in numbers, always pissed and usually happier and louder than the average commuter, football fans are a synonymous for loud swearing and silly chants. Stay clear.

Music at the back of bus

Another person you should avoid is that dude at the back of the bus. You know, the one who plays rap music really loudly on his phone? Usually aged around 14-20, this guy’s convinced he is some sort of driving licence-less David Guetta, and reckons his sole presence is enough to turn a bus into the party of the year.

Watch out for those who play the music AND sing along as well (especially if they’re in a group), they’re the worst. Click below for the known case of someone actually pulling off the music on the bus trick..

People on the phone

Yet another phone related one. Now I do pick up my phone on public transport, so I don’t have a problem with that. But people who take a call on public transport and are proper loud just piss me off.

Whether they’re having a massive argument or bragging about something they reckon the whole train might somehow give a damn about, it’s completely over the top.

Slow walkers

Finally, I couldn’t not mention the slow walkers. I suppose that’s not just an issue on public transports- there’s NOTHING more irritating than a family of 10, slowly walking in line down the high street limiting any opportunity for you to overtake and resume your journey as a regular walking paced person.

Having said that, this becomes even more annoying when you get slowed down on the Underground when trying to get somewhere quickly for work, or to catch a train.



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