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M&M’s World: a different kind of ‘must see’

Picture of M&M's World in Leicester Square

A few weeks ago, my mum came over from France for a fast-paced, 3 day long London experience. We saw a couple of the big London sights, including walking around Westminster, Kew Gardens and even the Tower of London (on Remembrance Sunday, too!). Yet I somehow got to odd impression her favourite part of the stay was visiting the M&M’s store in Leicester Square. Here’s why..

Firstly, there’s something quite impressive about the efforts put into decorating the shop. The M&M’s store has everything from the cliche London bus to those huge M&M’s knights (yeah, that’s a thing apparently) and the giant M&M’s version of the famous Abbey Road picture. Completely over the top, but actually quite cool.

Picture of Abbey Road, M&M's version
Abbey Road, M&M’s version

The other thing about M&M’s World is you can find just about anything in it. Want a branded blanket? Of course. Golf balls? No worries. Shot glasses, cutlery, mini dispensers? Over there. Pyjamas? Just next to the slippers and ‘Keep calm’ t-shirts, on your left. 4 floors high, you can find just about anything in there.

Warning: Now, the shop is pretty awesome, and actually mostly fairly priced as well. However, don’t fall into the dispenser trap. There’s an obscene amount of chocolate in there stored in giant dispensers, which you can pour yourself in a bag and pay at the till. But there’s no way to work out how much you spent until then, which can (literally) be a costly mistake- 25 quid in my case, if you must know. So watch out.

M&M's World dispensers
Beware of the M&M’s dispensers

The M&M’s store is a must see, in a Harrods or Hamleys sort of a way (with a stronger smell, admittedly). Completely over the top, it’s a reminder that there’s always something new to discover in London, be it a 400 year old sculpture or a recently build, slightly eccentric shop.

More info on the official site.


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