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Hi. After weeks of talking about it, I’ve finally decided to go ahead and start my own personal blog.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Valentin (I’m the one on the left, with the questionable taste in shirt colours). As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a French guy living in London.

After moving to London from France aged 16, I went on to study history at the University of Bristol. I then came back to live in London.

I currently work for a digital marketing agency in Chiswick, West London. Explaining what I actually do for a job tends to be a bit of an ordeal for all parties involved, so I’ll spare you that (for now) Let’s just say I work on improving websites..

As far as my blogging background, I’ve been writing regularly for the past couple of years: sometimes for the history blog I ran for a while, websites I enjoyed reading and usually for clients or for my own company’s blog.

My interests and hobbies range from football, film, holidays, generic stuff I see on the news, random things I come across online, technology and of course living in London. I’ll most likely post about those things and more.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

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