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7 weird things British people do

Over the past few days, there’s been plenty of discussion around the Sun’s apparent decision to remove the infamous ‘Page 3 girls’ from its issues (which, it turns out, was just a brilliant bit of PR).

I’ve always questioned this weird social norm whereby in the UK, it’s acceptable for a man to sit on the train, open up a paper and publicly stare at tits for a little while.This got me thinking about other strange habits Brits engage in daily. Here’s 7 weird things British people do..

The beer drinking thing

Don’t get me wrong, I like going out and I like having a drink. And the British didn’t invent getting drunk, either. We get fucked up in France as well, although generally conceal it as refined accompaniment for civilised meals. But I just find the beer drinking thing really odd.

Okay, so here’s the thing: one pint of beer is about 0.56 liter. Would you go and spend a few hours with your friend and drink 3 liters of Lucozade? Probably not, yet spending the afternoon at the pub and have 5-6 pints is common practice. I ask: why?

Queuing ritual

people queuing in the UK
Queuing, a British national institution

Another confusing thing. I’m all for queuing and I do agree that queue jumping is irritating and rude.

But since I’ve been here, I’ve found myself queuing up for really unnecessary things, like entering a supermarket which really wasn’t that packed at all, or a bus which hasn’t even arrived yet.

Also, that silent stare of death for queue jumpers is completely over the top, just saying..

Calling random people ‘love’

That’s it, really.

Attitudes to cold weather

We see it every year on tv: that weird way the BBC report snow‘s forever unexpected arrival (usually around December, crazy stuff), like an improbable British remake of The Day After Tomorrow.

You KNOW it gets cold at this time of year, and you also know those conditions favour the fall of snow. So stop acting surprised every year!

Attitudes to mild weather

the day after tomorrow london poster
Festive season in London

Likewise, I understand the UK isn’t renowned for its long, hot summers. But why is it that as soon as the slightest ray of sun hits the ground, people start going around in shorts or topless?

The toasts

I love food, and I love a good snack as well. What I’m far less passionate about is an remarkably average, plain piece of square bread whose sole culinary twist comes in the form of burnt edges.

…and the taps!

Finally, I couldn’t not mention the taps. One for the hot water, one for the cold water. Now, anyone who’s ever used a bathroom would see the limitations. And everyone does use a bathroom. So how so many people still have them is beyond my understanding.

Rant over, love.


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